HentaiNya Now .TV!

HentaiNya dates back to 2009. Yes, we're that old. We've been running shit and kicking ass for 5 years now. We decided recently that it was time for a change. New theme, new CMS, and the slow, new addition of Dubbed Hentai as well! Nobody else really does it. Nobody cares to. But we do!

Over the last 5 years, HentaiNya has always been about bringing you fast, good quality Hentai Movie releases. We are going to continue to do so - but we know that Dubbed Hentai is a niche that just isn't filled. So we're going to be bringing you guys the best quality English Subtitled and English Dubbed Hentai releases available ANYWHERE, along with the LARGEST collection of Hentai Movies you can find ANYWHERE.

That's right. At present, we have OVER 900 HENTAI MOVIES, and OVER 2,500 HENTAI EPISODES. Not including Dubbed Hentai. We expect in total, to have around 3,000 Dubbed and Subbed Hentai Episodes once we're done. That's right. You're looking at the largest collection of Hentai Movies and Episodes available anywhere online.

Not only that, but there will be downloads to follow in the future. You'll be able to download EVERY episode and movie we have. What more could you want? Great quality Hentai. Available for both Stream and Download. C'mon all ready! Why haven't you bookmarked us and set us as your homepage by now?

HentaiNya opened in 2009. We expect to be offering you the same quality releases, and kicking all other Hentai streaming sites' asses in 2019 as well.